Article Written By: Rosmini publications

Belief in God and good deeds is the core of Christian beliefs and many Catholic theologians have tried to study and interpret the Holy Bible with their own perspectives and understanding. Catholic Theology relates to the basic features of a church that means every Catholic should be a participant of church meets and prayers and there should be unity among all Catholics. In this way, all people can show their devotion and offer prayers together and teachings of Bible can be discussed and understood well by all.

Catholic Church Gives Message of Unity among All Followers

The aim of Catholic theology is to connect all the people around the world with love and faith in God, and according to theologians, Jesus came on earth as a messenger of his father and the father of all –God, and delivered his message to the human beings. His motive was to develop faith that came from whatever was spoken, heard and understood through his words.

Catholic theology says that there would be several false preachers who would try to deter people from their faith in Christ’s words. But the church would always try to restore the faith through the message of peace, love and unity. Faith affects the behaviour of a person, and sets his/her moral standards.

Roman Catholic Bible contains the Septuagint or Greek Old Testament and believes in the Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition, which are supposed to be followed by any ideal Catholic Christian. The Pope is considered as the successor of Jesus’ apostles (closest followers) and holds the highest position in the Catholic Church.